There are too many website owners that are spending a significant amount of time creating attractive content in the form of articles or blog posts, but for some reason, they are using cheesy or boring photography to complement this content. They probably think that no one actually looks at the images, but they are completely wrong. Numerous studies have confirmed that photos are almost equally important as the text. In addition, there are many people who think that in order to download and use a good photo, you have to invest a lot of money. Once again, they are wrong because there are some incredible free stock photo websites where you can get attractive photos for free. We will use this article to highlight some of the best sources of free stock photos.

New Old Stock

If you want to use photos that will probably never get outdated, you can choose vintage photos from New Old Stock. This free stock photo website uses Flickr Commons as a base and offers hundreds of vintage photos for free. Even though you can use them freely on your site, it is a good idea to check twice before you use them as part of your commercial project.

Jay Mantri

There are many professional or aspiring photographers that have their own free stock photo websites. They have realized that this is an excellent way to showcase their work and get potential clients. Jay Mantri is a photographer and designer that has a website like this. The collection on this website includes professional, high-quality photos. Most of these photos are completely free.


Pexels is an interesting free stock photo website that actually collects free photos from a few different sources. Their team is selecting images manually. They are focused on selecting high-quality photos that can be used on many different websites. The photos found on Pexels have Creative Commons Zero license. They also have an effective search function which makes this activity simpler.


SplitShire is another example of a website managed by a photographer. This time we are talking about Daniel Nanescu, an Italian professional photographer. He was kind enough to allow the world to use thousands of his photos for free. You can find professional photos of workstations, nature, portraits and many other categories of photos. Spend some time doing research and we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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